About Us



Think ‘Lastpiece’. Think ‘the Unique Piece’. Think ‘the One and Only One’. Why the ‘weird’ name? Perhaps not at all. It’s merely the extension of its owner. An extraordinary lady. So this is how her story unfolded. She travels extensively and sees sublime ‘pieces’ which she always dreams of bringing back to her own homeland. She esteems it a lifelong mission to showcase people in her homeland the exclusivity and uniqueness of the ‘pieces’ she herself adores. She shared her vision with her husband. She told him how much she wishes to make them available to her own people. Year 2012 marked what one calls dream come true. Nine good years have since passed and technology now gives her an edge to serve and embrace the international community too. Consumer focused. Value based. It’s all about the user’s experience.

Let’s welcome Freitag, Steiff and … into your life!