品牌源起 ~

五十多歲時王媽媽去探望旅居法國就讀於藍帶廚術學校進修的女兒; 見到女兒學習法式點心,也激起王媽媽的學習慾望。因此於旅法期間,王媽媽將女兒的老師Respault Bernard 請至家中授課,進而學習了許多法式烘培料理的手藝。

在耳順之年,王媽媽憑著對甜點的熱情, 即便當時年事己高,毅然將興趣轉換成事業,王媽媽法式溫馨酥於1995 年正式開業。

一直以來我們秉持並始終如一地將王媽媽對於甜點的熱情、堅持品質、100%純手工製造的初心,完整呈現於手工酥餅產品中。 尋覓最好的原物料, 堅持手工的精神及不變的傳承,百分百純手工製作。為了確保產品新鮮及口感,僅於接單後新鮮製作,以便提供美味的,融合法式糕點及道地台灣味的鳳梨酥給我們的客戶品嚐。

王媽媽溫馨酥一直以來為香港和澳門熱門的台灣進口伴手禮,並於2022 年被華品文化國際行銷選為2022 台灣百大品牌好物之一

Wang Mama Baking Story

When she was in her fifties, Wang Mama went to visit her daughter who was studying at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in France; seeing her daughter learning French pastry also aroused Wang Mama desire to learn. Therefore, during her stay in France, Ms. Wang invited her daughter’s teacher “Respault Bernard” to teach at home, and then learned a lot of French baking skills.

In the year of Golden era, Wang Mama, with her passion for desserts, resolutely turned her interest into a career even though she was already advanced in age. Wang Mama French Sweet Pastry officially opened in 1995.

We have always upheld and consistently presented Wang Mama passion for desserts, insisting on quality, and the original intention of 100% handmade in the handmade shortbread products. Search for the best raw materials, adhere to the manual spirit and unchanging inheritance, 100% handmade. In order to ensure the freshness and taste of the product, it is only freshly made after receiving the order, so as to provide delicious pineapple cakes that combine French pastries and authentic Taiwanese flavors for our customers to taste.

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